"I consulted Dr Maheshwari before 18 years for my low back pain(Prolapsed Lumbar Intervertebral Disc) & was very happy with his treatment. After that my son had two major fractures (fracture of shaft of Humerus and fracture olecranon) which were nicely treated by Dr Maheshwari"

- J K Saboo , Executive Director – I G Petrochemicals, Taloja(Resident Sector 17 Vashi)

"I got operated for knee ligament injury from Dr Maheshwari in 2008 (Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction). I am very happy with result. My mother was also operated for her hip problem."

- Mr Amit Vyas , HSBC mutual fund, Fort (Resident Sector 12 B Koparkhairane)

"All orthopaedic problems of my family were treated satisfactorily by Dr Maheshwari in last two decades."

- Mr Chandru Advani , Estate Broker, Sector 17 Vashi

"My wife had very bad Ankle fracture which was operated by Dr Maheshwari (Open Reduction and Internal Fixation for Bimalleolar fracture). She is totally perfect after surgery. She can run and even dance."

- Mr Parsottam Achpilia , Corporate Lawyer, Nerul

"For all bone / joint / arthritis problesm of my family we approach Dr Maheshwari"

- Mr Jaid , Deputy commissioner sales tax

"Dr Maheshwari treated my leg fracture surgically and made me perfect (External fixation for fracture tibia)"

- Mr Saney , Deputy commissioner Income tax (Resident Palmbeach Road)

"Whenever I come to Mumbai for my personal work I get my orthopaedic problems treated by Dr Maheshwari."

- Mr Hari Prakash Rathi , Hindi Writer (Jodhpur – Rajasthan)

"Dr Maheshwari treated all our family’s orthopaedic problems in last 20 years."

- Mr Vishwas Karekar , Builder (Vashi)

"I had life threatening accident in 2008. Dr Maheshwari saved my life."

- Mr Dhondiram Suryawanshi , PSI- JNPT

"I consulted many doctors / orthopedicians for my Rheumatoid arthritis and was not happy. Ultimately Dr Maheshwari made me comfortable."

- Sister Mangal Gore , Senior Staff Nurse – J J Hospital, Mumbai

"Me and my brother both had Ankylosing spondylosis of Sacroiliac joints which was treated by Dr Maheshwari"

- Mr Prasad , DGM ONGC

"I had bad wrist fracture which was treated by External Fixation and now I am very comfortable."

- Mrs Sudha Tyagi , Kharghar

"Me and my brother both had Ankylosing spondylosis of Sacroiliac joints which was treated by Dr Maheshwari"

- Mr & Mrs Jain , Kharghar